Adult Race Leagues


Ready to test your skills in a race for position? Stop by any Wednesday night for Wheel-to-Wheel Wednesdays!
Adults (15 years of age and up) who sign up by 7:00 PM get a 4-minute qualifier and a 25-lap race for position with weight-balancing to minimum of 200 LBS!
Race direction will alternate between normal and reverse each week.
Only $40 per person per week! Run one or run them all! It’s up to you.
Each week all participants will earn points based on finish position and the number of participants that week. For example, in a field of 12, 1st place earns 12 points, 2nd place earns 11 points, etc.

Sodi World Series

SODI World Series Logo

Drivers will earn points throughout the month. The final week of the month will include a Sodi World Series Sprint Race for the top 12 drivers in points that month (all drivers not in the top 12 for the month will compete in the weekly 25-lap open race).

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