Party Packages


What changed? We added a base charge to help cover the cost of your dedicated party attendant, but we also REDUCED THE PER PERSON RATE, and we DROPPED THE PRICE OF EACH ADDITIONAL RACE, so instead of paying $15 per race, you’ll pay $15 for only the 1st race, $14 for the second race, $13 for the third race, and $12 for the fourth and fifth races. Overall, these changes provide greater discounts for larger groups and for running more races, which means a LOWER TOTAL COST for most events.

On Track Karting’s standard party packages include the following:

  • Reserved tables for your group for the duration of your event
  • An 8-minute group briefing session covering basic kart operation, proper use of safety equipment, and our lighting and flagging systems
  • One or more high-performance kart races* for each participant
  • One head sock for each participant (required when using our helmets), which is his or hers to keep
  • Race results for each participant detailing each driver’s lap times to the thousandth of a second
  • Cheese pizza (2 slices per person), soda and paper goods for all participants
  • A dedicated party attendant

*Each race is an 8-minute track session (10-minutes on Tuesdays). The process of gearing up, loading up, racing, then returning all the equipment takes about 15 to 20 minutes each time.


1-Race Package (1.5-hour event): $50 plus $25 per person
2-Race Package (2.0-hour event): $50 plus $39 per person
3-Race Package (2.5-hour event): $50 plus $52 per person
4-Race Package (3.0-hour event): $50 plus $64 per person
5-Race Package (3.0-hour event): $50 plus $76 per person

For example, an 8-person, 2-race party will cost $362 ($45.25 per person).

Optional items are also available. Extra pizza, for example, is $2 per slice or $12 per pie. We can add pepperoni for $0.50 a slice or $2 per pie. Some guests have asked for goody bags, so we offer a nylon drawstring backpack (“the bag”) and a number of goodies: t-shirts (save 20% when you buy 5 or more), hats, racing gloves, wrist bands, dog tags, window decals, etc.

Mom, dad, or an older sibling want to try the racing? We’ll extend our party package race pricing to anyone in your group who is not part of the party but wants to get in on the action.

Moreover, if you have any guests who wish to attend the party but will not race, we can provide pizza, soda, and event space for them for only $10 per person.

To book your party, simply call the appropriate track (Wallingford at 203-626-0464 or Brookfield at 203-740-8100) and we can take your reservation right over the phone. A $50 deposit (we accept major credit cards) is required to officially book your party and reserve track time/event space. This deposit will be applied to your bill the day of your event, at which time the remaining balance will be due. We will send you an email confirming all the details of your event within 48 hours of taking your reservation.


All racers under 18 years of age MUST have our waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian in order to participate. Waivers can be downloaded using the link in the upper right corner of this webpage. We also include an electronic copy of our waiver with our email confirmations.