2019 Sodi World Series

The 2019 Sodi World Series (SWS) is an international ranking of the top Sodi rental kart drivers in the world, with championship races held in France the following May. This year, On Track Karting Wallingford will participate as a partner track in the SWS Sprint CUP and Junior CUP. Individuals can get more info on the Sodi World Series and sign-up for FREE at sodiwseries.com.

How does it work?
Interested participants must sign-up as an SWS driver at sodiwseries.com and select the appropriate partner track (On Track Karting Wallingford). Throughout the year, On Track Karting will offer SWS races for which registered drivers will earn SWS points. To participate in an SWS race, drivers must register with On Track Karting for the race, then sign-up as a participant for that particular race on the SWS website (sodiwseries.com). Total points awarded for a particular race are based the total number of SWS participants in that race, so even if you don’t care to participate, signing-up with help your fellow drivers earn points.  Local, national, and worldwide SWS rankings will be based on each driver’s top ten scores for the year.

Sprint CUP
Open to ages 15* and up.  In 2019, our Wallingford track will offer a Sprint Cup race every Wednesday evening.  Additional Sprint races may be scheduled throughout the year to offer drivers more opportunities to earn SWS points.

*Drivers who turn 15 by the end of 2019 can participate in the Sprint Cup

Junior CUP
Open to ages 7 to 14.  As in past years, Wallingford will offer 8-week race leagues for juniors and junior upgrades in the winter, spring, and fall.  All league races will earn SWS points in 2019.