Adult Race Leagues


Ready to test your skills in a race for position? Stop by Wallingford any Wednesday night for Wheel-to-Wheel Wednesdays, or stop by Brookfield any Thursday night for Thursday Night Thunder!

Adults (15 years of age and up) who sign up by 7:30 PM get a 5-minute qualifier and a 25-lap race for position with weight-balancing to minimum of 200 LBS!

Race direction will alternate between normal and reverse each week.

Only $40 per person per week! Run one or run them all! It’s up to you.

Every 3 months we start a new season, with all drivers earning points each time they participate. The number of points awarded depends on the number of participants each week. For example, in a field of 12, 1st place earns 12 points, 2nd place earns 11 points, etc.

For the Summer 2016 Season, which runs July through September, we will award Driver Dollars to the top 6 drivers each week and to the top 12 drivers in total points at the end of the season, with a total of $1,000 per location being awarded over the course of the season! Driver Dollar awards are good for 30 days and can be applied toward the purchase of anything On Track Karting sells. Driver Dollars are not redeemable for cash, and all winners must claim their prizes that night as we will not hold any prizes for future pickup. In addition, weekly prizes will only be awarded if there are 10 or more drivers completing in a given week.

Weekly Prizes:
16 Driver Dollars for 1st
12 Driver Dollars for 2nd
10 Driver Dollars for 3rd
8 Driver Dollars for 4th
6 Driver Dollars for 5th
4 Driver Dollars for 6th

On Track Karting reserves the right to change this award policy at any time, with or without notice. In the event of inappropriate behavior or any type of dispute, awards may be withheld at the manager’s discretion.

Got drive?