Race Leagues


Registration now open for the FALL 2014 Junior Race Leagues in both Wallingford and Brookfield, and junior members of all abilities are welcome to participate, including upgrades! Please note there will also be separate open races for upgrades on Wednesday and Thursday nights starting October 1st.

11 AM SUNDAY mornings from SEPTEMBER 21 through NOVEMBER 23 (doors open 10:45 AM)

10 weeks of racing (5 races in the normal direction; 5 races in the reverse direction)

One 5-Minute Qualifier and one 21-LAP RACE for position each week with a competition caution on the 11th lap

Weight-balancing to a minimum of 80 lbs (could be higher, depending on the mix of participants)

Qualifier determines starting order of race (if we can not run the entire field at once, we will split the feature race into an A group and a B group)

Earn 1 point each week just for participating and 1 point for each opponent you beat (for example, 1st place in a field of 12 earns 12 points that week)

Your top 9 finishes count toward final point standings (so if you have to miss a week, it won’t knock you out of contention), and trophies will be awarded to the top 3 points leaders at the end-of-season pizza party

In addition, all participants will receive 1 driver dollar for every 2 points earned throughout the season!

$395 per participant for a season pass (due week 1)
$50 registration fee plus $40 weekly participation fee
(annual membership & $50 deposit required to register)

To register for the Wallingford League, please call 203-626-0464 during normal business hours
To register for the Brookfield League, please call 203-740-8100 during normal business hours


Ready to test your skills in a race for position? Stop by Wallingford any Wednesday night for Wheel-to-Wheel Wednesdays, or stop by Brookfield any Thursday night for Thursday Night Thunder!

Juniors who sign up by 7 PM get a 5-minute qualifier and a 22-lap race for position with weight-balancing to a minimum of 80 LBS

Adults who sign up by 7:30 PM get a 5-minute qualifier and a 25-lap race for position as they compete in one of two classes:
The UNDER 150 Class with weight-balancing to a minimum of 120 LBS
The 150 PLUS Class with weight-balancing to a minimum of 200 LBS

For both adults and juniors, race direction will alternate between normal and reverse each week

Only $40 per person!

Earn points each time you participate
Number of points to be awarded depends on the number of participants each week (for example, in a field of 12, 1st place earns 12 points, 2nd place earns 11 points, etc.)
At the end of the summer season, we will award participants 1 Driver Dollar for every 2 points earned
Driver Dollars, in turn, can be applied toward anything we sell
Driver-Dollar Certificates will be issued (in whole dollars only) to each participant by mid October and are not redeemable for cash

Got drive?