Race Leagues


Registration now open for the SPRING 2014 Junior Race Leagues in both Wallingford and Brookfield! Open to drivers of all abilities, including upgrades!

8 weeks of racing (4 races in the normal direction; 4 races in the reverse direction)
Weight-balancing to 80 lbs for juniors and 120 lbs for upgrades
10 AM SUNDAY mornings from APRIL 27 through JUNE 22* (doors open 9:30 AM)
One 3-Minute Qualifier and TWO 12-LAP RACES (for position) each week
Qualifier determines starting order of 1st Race
Best lap times in 1st Race determine starting order of 2nd Race
Top 7 finishes count toward final point standings (so if you have to miss a week, it won’t knock you out of contention!)
*no racing on May 11 (Mother’s Day)

1st = 35 points
2nd = 32 points
3rd = 30 points
4th = 28 points
5th = 26 points
6th = 25 points
7th = 24 points
8th = 23 points
9th = 22 points
(and so on through last place)
Plus 1 BONUS POINT awarded to the driver with the fastest lap in the qualifier and each of the two races

1 White On Track Karting T-Shirt for each participant

End-of-season pizza party and awards presentation with trophies for the top 3 points leaders in each class (based on top 7 finishes)

There will be at least one junior class and one upgrade class (if either class needs to be split into 2 or more groups, we will hold an extra qualifying session the first week to determine the appropriate group for each driver)

$325 per participant for the whole season
$50 registration fee plus $40 weekly participation fee
(annual membership & $50 deposit required to register)

To register for the Wallingford League, please call 203-626-0464 during normal business hours
To register for the Brookfield League, please call 203-740-8100 during normal business hours


Wallingford on Wednesday nights at 7:30 PM (April 2 through June 25)
Brookfield on Thursday nights at 7:30 PM (April 3 through June 26)

5-Minute Qualifier and a 25-lap race for position each week WITH WEIGHT BALANCING TO 200 LBS!
Race direction will alternate between normal and reverse

$40 per person (per race)
Run one or run them all
No advance registration necessary; current membership required

Earn points each time you participate
Number of points to be awarded depends on the number of participants each week
With 10 drivers, for example, 1st place will earn 10 points and last place will earn 1 point
2 points = 1 Driver Dollar
“Cash in” your points at the end of the season on anything we sell
Driver-Dollar Certificates will be issued (in whole dollars only) to each participant by mid July
Not redeemable for cash

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