Enduros (OTK 100’s & Team)


Two 12-race series on the 2nd Saturday of each month (a GT LITES Series for drivers under 180 lbs weight-balanced to be minimum of 160 lbs, and a GT Series for drivers 180 lbs or more weight-balanced to a minimum of 220 lbs)
Each OTK100 will be a single 100-lap race with one (1) mandatory pit stop (kart change optional) and no more than one (1) pass through the Joker Lane
11 AM start unless otherwise noted (see below)
OTK 100’s will alternate between Brookfield and Wallingford and between our normal direction and reverse directions each month (when the LITES run in Brookfield, the GT CLASS will run in Wallingford, and vice versa)
Doors open 10 AM and drivers should arrive no later than 10:30 AM
No qualifying; random draw determines kart and starting position
Run a single event or run them all (drivers do not have to commit to the entire season)
Points awarded to the entire field as a whole (e.g., 1st place in a field of 12 gets 12 points; last place gets 1 point)
Open to adult drivers (ages 15+) and junior upgrades
Sodi World Series points awarded to all SWS Sprint CUP drivers (see Sodi World Series page for more info)
$120 per participant per race ($100 if you pre-register at least one day in advance)
$100 deposit required for each OTK 100 (fully refundable until 7 PM the night before the race)

January 14 – Brookfield
February 11 – Wallingford
March 11 – Brookfield
April 8 – Wallingford
May 13 – Brookfield
June 10 – Wallingford
July 8 – Brookfield
August 12 – Wallingford
September 9 – Brookfield
October 14 – Wallingford
November 11 – Brookfield
December 9 – Wallingford

January 14 – Wallingford
February 11 – Brookfield
March 11 – Wallingford
April 8 – Brookfield
May 13 – Wallingford
June 10 – Brookfield
July 8 – Wallingford
August 12 – Brookfield
September 9 – Wallingford
October 14 – Brookfield
November 11 – Wallingford
December 9 – Brookfield