Leagues & Enduros

On Track Karting offers numerous competitive events for adults and juniors throughout the year. Most are structured as individual competitions that run once a week for 2 or 3 months. Occasionally we run team endurance races ranging from 2 hours to 24 hours. Our OTK 100 Endurance Series (formerly known at the IRON-MAN Series) is a year-long, once-a-month 100-lap endurance race for individuals. And for the first time, On Track Karting will hold an annual banquet to recognize all of the top drivers for 2016. This banquet will be held in January of 2017, date and location still to be determined. The following is a list of some of the competitions scheduled for 2016:

Junior Race League – Winter
Junior Upgrade Race League – Winter
Junior Race League – Spring
Junior Upgrade Race League – Spring
Junior Race Leagues – Fall
Junior Upgrade Race Leagues – Fall
OTK 100 Endurance Series – GT Class (180 lbs or more)
OTK 100 Endurance Series – GT Lites (under 180 lbs)
Wednesday Night Sprint Races – Wallingford (ages 15 and up)
Thursday Night Sprint Races – Brookfield (ages 15 and up)

Race Leagues

Juniors run structured, 8- to 10-week leagues in the Spring, Fall, and Winter each year while the adults can jump in on “pick-up” races weeknights. more »


Once a month, we run a 1-hour IRON-MAN race for anyone who thinks he or she can go the distance! Races alternate between Wallingford and Brookfield. more »

Custom Events

Have a group, club or team that is interested in racing together? more »