Pro Club (ages 18+)

For just $60, drivers ages 18 and up can join our Pro Club.  Members of the Pro Club can race our Super Karts (9 HP Sodi RX7’s) Monday through Friday in pro-only heats.  Club members can also run pro heats in the opposite direction on request (racing the circuit in the reverse direction is not available to the general public).

Membership in our Pro Club is open to drivers ages 18 and up and is subject to safe and responsible driving at all times.

Pro Club Upgrade Program (ages 15-17)

For experienced drivers at least 15 years of age, we have a PRO CLUB UPGRADE PROGRAM. With this program, drivers between 15 and 17 can qualify to run our Super Karts. This program requires an evaluation with one of our race instructors. Upgrades are not automatic. Drivers must demonstrate skill, courtesy, and good decision-making. If you feel you’re ready to drive our Super Karts, please call or visit the registration counter to schedule an evaluation with a race instructor.

Getting Started

We provide all the necessary equipment for you to show up and start driving. All drivers under 18 must have our waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. Getting started is a simple process.

1. Register

Upon arrival, please sign-in at one of our kiosk stations, then proceed to the front counter to complete your membership and book your races.

2. Attend Briefing

Watch our 8-minute video explaining proper use of safety equipment, basic kart operation, and important rules and safety procedures.

3. Gear Up

Head to the equipment area for a helmet and neck brace. Optional race suits are also available. Please remember to dress comfortably with well-secured footwear.

4. Hit The Track

Race the clock and all your friends around one of the longest and fastest indoor tracks in the country.

5. Check Your Times

Get detailed race results with all lap times for all drivers in your heat.