Junior Karting

On Track Karting offers Junior Karting for drivers ages 7 to 14 that are at least 48 inches tall and weight no more than 180 pounds. Our junior Sodi karts have 4 HP engines and a governor that limits the karts top speed to around 25 MPH. Seats, steering columns, and pedals are all adjustable on the junior karts. We also have a few seat inserts we can try with smaller drivers. Under normal circumstances, we will run up to 14 junior karts in a single heat.

For experienced drivers at least 12 years of age and at least 55 inches tall, we have a JUNIOR UPGRADE PROGRAM. With this program, juniors can qualify to run our 6.5 HP adult karts. This program requires a minimum 1-hour evaluation with one of our race instructors. Upgrades are not automatic. Drivers must demonstrate skill, courtesy, and good decision-making. The rate for a race instructor’s time is $25 per hour. If you feel your son or daughter is ready to drive our adult karts, please call or visit the registration counter to schedule an evaluation with a race instructor.

Please note all drivers under 18 must have our waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. Click here to download a copy of our driver registration form/waiver.